Server migration

« September 03, 2014 06:49 «» 8cc0940f74df50e57ee33a341e7a44a1 Liothen »

We have moved off our old service provider to a brand new service with more cores and ram. I would like to personal thank Crucial Paradigm for hosting us for the past several years.

A little bit lighter

« July 24, 2014 19:42 «» 8cc0940f74df50e57ee33a341e7a44a1 Liothen »

We changed things up a bit and went with a lighter theme, cleaned up some of the admin controls. More features to come!

We are back!

« April 09, 2014 07:26 «» 8cc0940f74df50e57ee33a341e7a44a1 Liothen »

After a long hiatus the FlagRun site is now back online, albeit a very small portion of it.

Over the coming weeks I will be implementing other features, a lot of which are done just didn’t have the time to test them thoroughly.
As I get more things done I will post a change log on the news page of all the things happening. feel free to post something on the forum
if its something you think could be done better or just outright sucks monkey balls.

Again I just want to welcome everyone back.

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